Isthmus, a narrowing of land
(Istmo, un mundo de muchos mundos)

2021, Documentary, 25’

Between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico lies the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico’s windiest region. It is largely inhabited by Zapotec and Ikoots people who draw their subsistence from the land and sea, which they view as both sacred and communal. Recently, this narrow strip of land has become a lucrative and dangerous battleground, as foreign investment pours into the region and thousands of wind turbines are constructed.

This film explores the inherent contradictions hidden within the promise of clean energy and economic growth, and focusses on the response of local people defending their land and way of life.

Written, directed & produced by Mara Chavez
Cinematography: Mara Chavez & Raphael Reichl
Sound: Alonso Esquinca Díaz, Niko Harrington
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